IttyBitty 8-Bit

Sailor Moon’s wand! Moon Stick? And compact :DDD


Made this for my roomie :) Up on etsy!

I started a new job last week and I wanted to keep some miniatures on my desk ‘cause it makes me happerrrrr.

Just an fyi if you love miniature dollhouse stuff like dishware, furniture, you might notice only hobby lobby really carries that. But at Michael’s right now, they have those mini Christmas villages set up, so they actually have a decent section of mini goods! That’s where I got the 3 tier stand! YERRRRR

Last of the sushi posts! I’ve seen people do “prep sets” so I tried my hand at one!  I think it came ot alright, but it’d be fun to make it even more involved- uncut ingredients, bowl of rice, etc. Next time :)

Nigiri sushiii! The fish roe are nail beads I found at the dollar tree. I just mixed them with FImo deco gel and applied them on :)

I’m thinking of doing a miniature tutorial! Is there anything anyone would like to see, whether it be something I’ve done, or something new? LEMME KNOW :D

Caterpillar roll! I’ve been trying to make sushi since I started working with polymer clay and I think I’m finally beginning to get somewhere..haha

I’ll put this up in my etsy soon!

so I was just taking pictures of apples and all the sudden PINCHERBUG EWWW

I included him just because he scared the eff out of me

Bagel & lox! I made it into a ring but I’m not sure who would wear a bagel & lox ring but its been made

Strawberry cake ring :) Its up in my shop!

Ramen! My first time using Fimo Deco Gel for broth instead of resin. I like it a lot! The chopsticks are carved from toothpicks :)