IttyBitty 8-Bit

Caterpillar roll! I’ve been trying to make sushi since I started working with polymer clay and I think I’m finally beginning to get somewhere..haha

I’ll put this up in my etsy soon! ¬†

so I was just taking pictures of apples and all the sudden PINCHERBUG EWWW

I included him just because he scared the eff out of me

Bagel & lox! I made it into a ring but I’m not sure who would wear a bagel & lox ring but its been made

Strawberry cake ring :) Its up in my shop!

Ramen! My first time using Fimo Deco Gel for broth instead of resin. I like it a lot! The chopsticks are carved from toothpicks :)

Macaron Earrings! Just something I was testing out to sell in my shop!

Box of donuts! Doughnuts? Donuts. I made the pink box from construction paper, the rest is polymer clay :)